S.NO Name of the Department Topic Date Level
1 Faculty of Sciences International Conference on Renewable Eneregy Research and Education("RE²") Click for Report 08/02/2018 To 10/02/2018 International
2 Botany International Symposium on Cellular Stress 08-10-2016 International
3 Commerce International Seminar on "E-Governance:Problems&Prospects" 03-08-2015 International
5 Academic cell International workshop on "Stress & Resilience Technology 16/11/2014 International
S.NO Name of the Department Topic Date Level
1 Physics Intellectual Property Rights and its education for Young Minds 21-4-2018 National
2 Economics,Political Science History&Philosophy National Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Andhra Pradesh after Bifurcation" 28/03/2018 National
3 IQAC & Academic cell National Workshop on"New Paradigms to HEIs" 24/03/2018 National
4 Commerce National Workshop on"Practical enterpreneurship With Real time Enterpreneurs" 14/03/2018 National
5 Botany & Physics National workshop on Biomass to Bioenergy 19/12/2017 To 20/12/2017 National
6 Community College Advances Break Through Challenges and Development in Foodomics 10/11/2016 To 11/11/2016 National
7 Chemistry Digital Science Lab 24/11/2016 National
8 Academic cell National Workshop on "MOOCs" 30/11/2016 To 01/12/2016 National
9 Commerce National Seminar on "Limited Liability partnership-A new Opportunity" 21/12/2016 To 22/12/2016 National
10 Chemistry National conference onAdvanced "Molecular Spectroscopic Technology" 21/08/2015 To 22/08/2015 National
11 Statistics Data Analysis& Its Applications 30/01/2015 National
12 Commerce National Workshop on "Research Methodology" 03-07-2015 National
13 Physics Advanced Technology Oriented materials ATOM-2014 08/12/2014 To 09/12/2014 National
14 Chemistry Workshop on Radiochemistry & Applications of Radioisotopes 24/11/2014 To 29/11/2014 National
15 Telugu Awareness workshop on telugu poetry and changing trends 25/02/2014 National
16 Hindi Naya Vimarsh on dalith literature 10/01/2014 To 11/01/2014 National
17 Commerce Finance to the Fisheries sector by Institutional Agencies And Recovers 16/11/2013 National
18 Hindi National seminar on hindi literature 31/3/2013 National
S.NO Name of the Department Topic Date Level
1 Computer Science, Physics & Electronics Sensor Guided Robotics 3-10-2018 to 4-10-2018 State
2 Computer Science, Physics & Electronics IoT Using Arduino 24-09-2018 to 25-09-2018 State
3 Telugu Kadhaa Charcha 30-7-2018 State
4 English State level Seminar on "Language Skills Employment Opportunities" 15/12/2016 State
5 Telugu State Level Seminor on "Mitra  Bhedham- Murthy Matvam Vikasam" 15/12/2016 State
6 Physics Light Emitting Devices & Materials 20/11/2015 State
7 Botany BioAnalytical Techniques 02-11-2015 State
8 Physics Comic Physics 30-12-2014 State
9 Economics Facts on Polavaram multipurpose project 19-7-2014 State
10 Physics State level Seminar on Nano Materials-Synthesis and characterization Techniques 28/02/2014 State
11 English State level Seminar on "Teaching English Grammer at UG Level-A new perspective 26/02/2014 State
Name of the Department Title Date
Physics National Level Refresher course on Experimental Physics in association with Indian academy of Science, Bangaluru 27 May-11 June,2014
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