The Institution aims to be an entrepreneurial organization by providing consultancy services to client organizations. The College recognizes the consultancy carried out by the faculty as a core and valuable part of its function as an Autonomous institution and also as part of the ‘Knowledge Transfer’ in developing mutually beneficial relationships with commercial, public and other organisations. Therefore, the College has established its Consultancy Policy to support all staff in the delivery of approved consultancy.

This policy is projected to provide a clear framework for faculty who wish to take up consultancy, either through College or in personal capacity. Consultancy includes the work extended by a faculty member of the college in their field of expertise for external clients, for which payment is usually made. The faculty members should take prior approval from the Head of the Institution to extend consultancy work and maintain the proper record in this regard. Personal Consultancy must be undertaken outside normal working hours of the college and should not hamper the regular teaching in the College.

Some of the Consultancy services are mentioned below:

  1. External examiner
  2. Acting as an subject expert/University Nominee
  3. Delivering a special private/public lecture
  4. Production of Intellectual works such as books, articles and papers
  5. Editor of academic/research journals
  6. Serving on governmental or related committees
  7. Extension of research instrumentation
  8. Counsellors/Mentors for distance Learners
  9. Any other consultancy activity

The College reserves the right to impose rejection on any consultancy proposed by the faculty. Any income generated from consultancy, approved by the college, may be used to develop the academic/research facilities in the concerned department.