Poor Student Aid Fund

The Aim of this programme is to help economically backward students who are good in academics.

A Meeting on PSAF was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. R.David Kumar, Principal of this college on 26-07-2017 at 4.00 p.m. in Room No.23 of Art’s Block. The faculty and student class representatives attended the meeting and discussed on the best practice to be introduced from this academic year for the benefit of poor students who are admitted into this college.

The following resolutions are taken :

  1. Eligibility criteria for sanctioning PSAF
    • To those economically backward students who do not have any scholarship.
    • The student should have passed in all paper in the respective academic sessions.
    • Meritorious students will be given priority.
  2. Procedure for Fund collection
    • Fund will be collected in every Thursday of fit week of the month up to April of the academic year.
    • Six scaled boxes will be placed at the following placed at the following places of the college campus ( two boxes in art’s block, two boxes in science block, one box in prinicipal’s chamber .The box kept at principal chamber will open all the days)
    • The announcement regarding fund collection will be given on the fit Wednesday of the month in public address system. The collected fund will be announced on the notice board .
    • A joint account will be opened in the name of the college under the operating signature (1. Principal, Vice Principal and the Convenor of the committee) with the HDFC bank. The account number and with the IFSC code will be announced on the notice board.
  3. The following committee is constituted for effective functioning of the practice :
    S.No Name Designation & Department Position
    1 Dr.P.Srivalli Lecturer In Sanskrit Coordinator
    2 Dr.K.Anitha Lecturer In Chemistry Member
    3 Dr.P.Shanmukha Rao Lecturer In Commerce Member
    4 P.Yasaswini III B.Sc., MSComp. Student Member
    5 Sk.Shaheeda Tasnima II B.Com Student Member
    6 A.Pavan Kumar II B.A. EHP Student Member
    7 M.Kishore I B.Sc., M.S.Cs. Student Member
    8 G.S.E.S.Vyshanvi I BBC Agro Student Member
    9 P.Prudhvi I B.Com Student Member
  4. The information pertaining to PSAF of the college will be kept in the website and also in the college facebook for public transparency and also for getting more funds for the benefit of the students.
  5. A logo may be prepared for PSAF by the students of the college.
  6. The programme may be lanched in either fit week or second week of August
  7. The resolutions of the programme may be ratified in the next staff council of the college.

List of Student Benificiaries