Seed Money/Research Promotion

The Board Research Studies of the College is committed to support faculty professional development, research, scholarly and creative activities. The College has separate budget allocation i.e Seed Money for promotion of Research and Innovative thoughts and to encourage and support faculty in the development and submission of proposals for external fund. The proposals should submit through the Board of Research Studies & Academic Cell of the College. These funds may be used for activities such as:

  • Refining ideas
  • Creating plans and designs
  • Trying out methodologies
  • Collecting preliminary data
  • Conducting pilot or preliminary activities
  • Promoting collaboration

Proposal areas may include research, scholarly activities, and/or pedagogy. The funds may be used for supplies, equipment, travel, stipends, student assistants, grant writing assistance, or other needs associated with proposal development for grants or fellowships.

Applications are accepting on an on-going basis throughout the year.