Women constitute more than half of our country population. The Government College [A] is no exception having nearly 1500 Girl students with UG and PG Courses. Hence to protect and safeguard the rights of girl students and to bring about the advancement and to empower them, “Women Empowerment Cell” was constituted on 3-3-2010 under the chairmanship of Dr G.S.Moses, Principal.

All the Women members of the teaching and non-teaching staff are included as members of the committee. To boost the morale of the girl students,the committee conduct various activities.

Since then the cell has been addressing to the needs of the girl students in the college. The Women Empowerment Cell has been organising various events and activities and counselling on Career-Guidnce and Health Education.

  • WEC conducted Rally’s to create awareness in the Society on issues relating to Women and Girls.
  • The Cell also addresses to their Grievances.
  • The Unique Feature of our cell is use of ICT.
  • A separate WhatsApp was created for students and members to share their ideas and information.
  • Formation of Girl Students peer groupfor training in computers.
  • W.E.C organising the awareness programme on Yoga for girl students and W.E.C members.


  • To create awareness among girl students on vivid areas such as protection girl students.
  • Health and Nutrition.
  • Social Awareness among the students.
  • Live skills – Craft, Computer Training, Yoga
  • Address to their Grievances.
  • Encourage girls to use ICT.
  • Encourage girls to work in teams.

Administrative Structure

S.No Name and Designation Convener/Secretary/Treasurer/Member
1. Smt. M. Pushpanjali, Lecturer in History Convenor
2. Dr. M. Sudhamayi, Lecturer in Telugu Secretary
3. Dr. P. Srivalli, Lecturer in Sanskrit Treasurer

Formation of Sub-Committees:

S.No Sub-Committee Staff Members Student Members Responsibilities
1. Purchasing Committee Dr. J. Sunitha, Reader in Botany
Dr. N. Madhavi, L. in Statistics
Smt.P. Naga mallika, L. in Telugu
Y. Durga Bhavani
M. Akhilandeswari
B. Sujitha
Purchasing Fund rising
& contribution collection etc
2. Reception Dr. J. Sunitha, Reader in Botany
Smt. D. Rudra, L. in Geology
Dr. K. Sita Maha Lakshmi, L. in Politics
L. Anuradha
D. Vineela
K. Padma
Receiving Guests
Accompanying Refreshments etc.
3. Record Maintenance Dr. Annapurna L. in Commerce
Dr. P. Srivalli, Lecturer in Sanskrit
Dr. B. Geetha Devi, L. in Hindi
D. Prathyusha
P. Sri Durga
Overall Record Maintenance
& Feedbacks
4. Media information and Communication Dr. M. Sudhamayi, Lecturer in Telugu
Smt. K. Vasudha, L. in Biotechnology
Miss. V. V. V. Satyavathi, L. in Com merce(contract)
S. Subhashini
S. Madhavi
T. Sarojini
Photo Album Maintenance
& Press Communication
5. Grievances Redress& Counselling Dr. Ch. Lalitha, Reader in Philosophy
Dr. Krishna Kumari, L. in Botany
Dr. Rajeswari, L. in Telugu
A. Vimala
N. Sireesha
B. Sananda
Grievances Redressal & Counselling

W.E.C Activities in our College:

  • Yoga Day: WEC conducted Yoga Day from 16.06.2016 to 18.06.2016 in Seminar Hall. We invited Yoga Trainers Sri V. Nooka Raju and V. Anantha Lakshmi satyavathi. They gavetraining for 3 days to Staff and Girl students. This programme was inaugurated by Dr.Ch. Masthaniah.
  • World Literacy Day:WEC celebrated World Literacy Day on 8th September, 2016.On the Eve of World Literacy Day Principal Dr R. David Kumar Swamy Inaugurated Peer Training programme by girls-to girls on WEC plat form in collaboration with Department of Commerce in B.Com Computer Lab. This programme is Scheduled for 40 hrs with structured syllabus including MS-paint, MS-Word, Excel and MS-PPT.
  • Grievances and Redress Committee: The Committee addressed the Grievance and give counselling to the Students.
  • Awareness on Health and Hygienic: The WEC conducted awareness programme on Health and Hygienic to girls students on September 23rd 2016 by Dr A. Padmalatha M.D., This programme inaugurated by Vice-principal Sri k.Ramesh Babu at Chemistry e-Classroom.

Grievances : WEC of Arts College organised Grievances Redress committee to address the student’s grievances and take necessary action, and the committee also look Forward the counselling for girl students.

About W.E.C

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