Student Hostels

Women College Hostels

  • The women’s Hostel was established in the year 2011 under the UGC XI Plan
  • The hostel was constructed during the tenure of Captain N. Rama Krishnaiah, former Principal of this College
  • Dr. R. David Kumar, Principal of this college acts as Chief Warden.
  • The women’s hostel first Deputy Warden is Dr. J. Suneetha, Reader in Botany.
  • This hostel is completely student managed hostel
  • The hostel is fully facilitated with Dining Hall, Reading Room, T.V. Room etc.

Established : 2011

Total Capacity: 100

Number of Rom: 17

4 Seater Rooms : 14

Dormitories : 03

Reading Room Facility : Provided

T.V. Room : Provided


  • Dr R. David Kumar
    Chief Warden <> Government College (A)
  • Dr. J. Suneetha
    Deputy Warden
    Reader in Botany

Hostel Committee Members:

  1. Sri. K. Ramesh Babu,
  2. Dr. Ch. Lalitha
    Reader in Philosophy
  3. Dr. J. Suneetha
    Reader in Botany
  4. Dr. K. RatnaManikyam
    Lecturer in Commerce
  5. Sri. E. NageswaraRao
    Lecturer in Physics
  6. Smt. D.Suneetha
    Lecturer in Chemistry

Contact Us

Dr. J. Suneetha
Deputy Warden
Reader in Botany
Rajamahendravaram- 533105.
Phone (Office) :08832475732
Cell: 9441050910