Working in the 162 years old heritage enriched Government College (Autonomous), Rajahmundry is a biggest award itself for many of the employees in the teaching field in the Higher Education Department of Andhra Pradesh.

Employees of our College are highly qualified, very talented with progressive mind set, dedicated to students’ welfare and contribute to the institutional growth with their full efforts. In order to identify, highlight and encourage the talented and service oriented employees of the college, and make them role models to the other staff and students, the college in the year 2016, as an innovative best practice, initiated an award for its employees known as


It is a token of appreciation for their restless services to the institution and in turn to the students. Primarily the awards are initiated to be given in the following fields.

  1. G-CAP in Academics
  2. G- CAP in Research
  3. G - CAP in Administrative Services for Teaching Staff
  4. G- CAP in Administrative Services for Non – Teaching Staff
  5. G –CAP in Sports and Games
  6. G- CAP for Best Department
  7. G- CAP for Supporting Services ( Career Guidance Cell, Value Education Cell, Women Empowerment Cell, Youth Red Cross/ Red Ribbon)
  8. G – CAP for Extension Services (NSS/NCC)
  9. G- CAP in LRC ( Library/JKC/ Mana TV/ Virtual Class Presentations)

The awards are presented every year on the College Annual Day Celebrations. The recipients of the award are selected by CPDC (College Planning & Development Committee) & Academic Cell. The award comprises of a Medal, Memento and a Cash Prize of Rs. 116/- drawn from CPDC fund.

G-CAP Awards 2015-16

G-CAP Awards 2016-17

G-CAP Awards 2017-18