Department of Micro-Biology

  • Microbiology was introduced in this college in the year1998-99.

  • It was started under the restructured course with the combination of M.L.T and Chemistry at Under Graduate level

  • Now the course is running in English medium only.

  • Earlier the subject was taught by eminent Botany Lecturers.Now the Department has been running with permanent staff members since 2005`

  •  Now Department has been running with the combination of Microbiology, Zoology & Chemistry.

  •  Nearly 18 batches of students have come out successfully with Degrees.

  • The asset of the Department is its well equipped Laboratory attached with culture room.

    • This academic year (2017-2018) a new job oriented restructured course has been introduced -(F) M.Z.C, with this, our department running both M.Z.C and (F)-M.Z.C courses. 

    • The intake of the students per a course is 30 students every year

    • The Department has been giving importance to the student orientede  programmes

Best Practices

  • Conduction of Bridge classes to first year students to familiarise the microbiology subject
  • Student study projects by second and final year students
  • Proctorial system
  • Student study tours
  • Industrial / Field visits
  • Social awareness programmes
  • Career counselling / Future guidance
  • Daily news reading of scientific explorations related to subject advancements 

Courses Offered

  • PG Courses
  • UG Courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • Certificate Courses

Teaching Staff

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Administrative Staff

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