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           1. BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DEPARTMENT                 

The Department of Statistics is one of the advanced Departments in the Govt. (A) College, Rajahmundry.

ØThe subject Statistics was introduced in 1971-72 with Mathematics and Economics combination

ØB.A Statistics, Economics, Commerce group was started in 1976

ØRestructured course was started with group combination of Mathematics , Statistics and ComputerScience in 2000-2001.

ØB.A Economics, statistics, and Computer Applications group was started in the year 2006-07

 ØB.Sc Mathematics, Economics, Statistics group was started in the year 2008-2009.

ØB.Sc Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science group was started in the year 2017-2018.

ØB.Sc Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics group was started in the year 2017-2018. 

Ø Certificate course on Bio –Statistics introduced in the year 2018-2019

                    2. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DEPARTMENT                     

Ø One of the Formerly Faculty member Dr. V.PapayyaSastry got State Best Teacher Award for the year 2008-09.

Ø Proctorial System and Career Counselling.

Ø Conduction of Social Awareness Programmes.

Ø Interaction between Students to avoid Ragging.

Ø Implementation of E-Assignments through the online

Ø Chart Exhibition by students.

Ø Participation in BOS meetings by Staff.

Ø Celebration of World Population day on June11th

Ø Celebration of National Statistics Day on June 29th

Ø Conducting Guest Lectures and Seminars by Eminent persons

Ø Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences attended by Staff members and students

Ø Presentation papers by staff in National, International Conferences and in Indian Science congress association

Ø Paper publications in reputed journals

Ø Staff attended to OC & RC and other Training programmes

Ø Student Exchange program for M.S.Cs Students with SKVT College

Ø Conduction of Parent Teacher Meetings

Ø Participation by staff and students in “Swach Bharat Programmes”

Ø Participation of students and staff in Janmabhoomi Programme from 02-01-2018 to 11-01-2018.

ØGuinness book of World Records K.Naga satya vandana III B.Sc.(M.E.S) in dance competition Related image

                 3. COURSE COMBINATIONS                          


                 4. COURSEOUTCOMES AND OBJECTIVES                

  • Course outcomes - Year wise B.Sc Related image
  • Course outcomes - Paper wise B.Sc (M.S. Actuarial Science)  Click here 
  • Course outcomes - Paper wise B.A  Related image
  • Program Specific Outcomes                Click here       

           5. PARTICULARS OF THE TEACHING STAFF              


  Name of the faculty


  Experience (no of years)




M.Sc., Ph.D

7 Yrs




3 Yrs.




3 Yrs




3 Yrs


      Ø Participated in Swatch Bharath Programmes  Related image

      Ø Participated in Social Awareness Programmes  Related image

      Ø Participated in AIDS Awareness rally camps  Related image

      Ø Students Exchange Activities Related image

      Ø Career Guidance to Students Related image   

      ØCareer Opportunities in Statistics After Completion of Course Related image

      Ø Participated in rallies conducted by WEC& College 

      Ø Participated in girl student councelling activities Related image

      Ø Participated in Gandhi Jayanthi Rally on every year  October 2nd Related image

      Ø Participated in Yoga camp held in college  Related image

           7. ACHIEVEMENTS  OF  STAFF  &  STUDENTS          

Ø Dr. N. Madhavi, Head of the Department conducted one UGC national workshop on “Data Analysis & its Applications’’ on 30-01-2015”Related image

Ø Dr. N. Madhavi completed one UGC minor research project “ Prevalence of Diabetes in Rajahmundry(Urban),” Andhra Pradesh, India and submitted to UGC Related image 

Ø Students received prizes in Yuvatarangam competitions and also in games.

Ø Achieved Parthiba awards by students

Ø Student Mr. G. Laxman of III B. A gave MANA TV programme on Demonetization 

Ø III B.Sc Student B.Sujitha got first prize in the Debate competition conducted by Lok satha party Related image 

Ø Sk.Shameer student of II BA(E.S.Comp) got gold medal in the inter continental boxing held at Nepal Related image



                   9. STRENGTH OF STUDENTS                    

                     10. GENDER ANALYSIS                                      

                       11. RESULT ANALYSIS                                      

                   12.DEPARTMENT   EVENTS                                 

  •  List of the events Organised, Conducted & Participated by Staff & students 2012-2020 Related image  
  • List of the events Conducted by the Department  Related image

               13.PROGRESSION TO HIGHER EDUCATION                  

  • Progression to Higher Education  Related image
  • Progression to Higher Education  in 2018-2020 Related image

                             14.STUDY PROJECTS                                               

  •   Student study projects B.Sc (2013-2020) Related image
  •   Student study projects B.A (2013-2020) Related image

                        15.STUDENT PLACEMENTS                                 

              16.STUDENT POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS           

  • Student Power Point Presentations Related image


            17.STUDENTS ACHIEVEMENTS FROM 2013-20                  

Please cheak it below 

18.TOPPER'S LIST 2013-2020

Please Related image

Best Practices

  • Reading important news in  Newspapers and job contents in every week by students  Related image
  • Meaning of Five English words by students  in the class  Related image
  • Display of Population of India of every month on notice board.
  • Reading of Biography of one author in each week by studentsRelated image



Ø  Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences attended by Staff members

Ø Conducted one UGC National Workshop on Data Analysis & its Applications in the year 2015 by the Department.

Ø Organised in the One day A State Level Workshop on "Usage of Free and Open Source tools in Statistical data analysis" (FOSS) at  Govt (A) College Rajahmundry on 5/1/2019. 

Ø   Conducted Student Fest "SIMULATION 2K19" at Govt (A) College Rajahmundry on 22/2/2019. 

Ø Research activity is being done by students & Staff

Ø Paper Publications in national and International Journals.

Ø Dr. N. Madhavi completed one UGC minor research project “ Prevalence of Diabetes in Rajahmundry(Urban),” Andhra Pradesh, India and submitted to UGC

Ø  Two days UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Teaching, Learning & Evaluation by IQAC in Collaboration with NAAC Bangalore on 29th and 30th November 2019 Organized by IQAC Govt college (A) ,Rajahmundry.

ØOne Day District Level Workshop on Facing the NAAC and the role of Administrator to attain better Grade Organized by IQAC, GOVT College (Autonomous) Rajahmundry on association with the Regional Joint Director of Collegiate Education ,Rajahmundry on 13-12-2019 for Government and private Aided Degree College in East Godavari District .

ØConducted a UGC Sponsored Two days National Seminar on Soft Computing & its Applications on 20th and 21st December 2019 Organized by Department of Mathematics ,Statistics and Computer Science




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