Dr. Madhavi spoke on applications of statistics in Physics

 Emphasizing on Statisticalmodeling, she said that it is used  to relate the \'macroscopic view\' and\'microscopic view\'

Statisticalmechanics provides a framework for relating the microscopic properties ofindividual atoms and molecules to the macroscopic or bulk properties ofmaterials that can be observed in everyday life, therefore explainingthermodynamics as a natural result of statistics, classical mechanics, andquantum mechanics at the microscopic level. Because of this history, thestatistical physics is often considered synonymous with statistical mechanicsor statistical thermodynamics.

Dr.Madhavi also stated that Statistical physics allowed us to explain andquantitatively describe superconductivity, superfluidity, turbulence,collective phenomena in solids and plasma, and the structural features ofliquid. It underlies the modern astrophysics. It is statistical physics thathelped us to create such intensively developing study of liquid crystals and toconstruct a theory of Phase Transition and Critical phenomena. Manyexperimental studies of matter are entirely based on the statistical deblockedionof a system.

 The interaction with Students cleared doubtsrelating to the scattering of cold neutrons, X-ray, visible light, and more.