Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of Graduate & Post Graduate programme, graduating students/graduates will be able to:

PO 1 Domain Expertise:

  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills.
  • Make use of the knowledge in an innovative manner.
  • Effectively apply the knowledge and skills to address various issues.

PO 2 Life-long Learning and Research:

  • Learn “how to learn”- Self motivated and self directed learning.
  • Adapt to the ever emerging demands of work place and life.
  • Be inquisitive and establish cause and effect relationship.
  • Investigate and report.

PO 3 Modern equipment Usage

  • Use ICT effectively.
  • Access, retrieve and use authenticated information.
  • Access, retrieve and use authenticated information.Have knowledge of software applications to analyze data.

PO 4 Computing Skills and Ethics

  • Develop rationale and scientific thinking process.
  • Use technology intelligently for communication, entertainment and for the benefit of mankind.
  • Ensure ethical practices throughout ones endeavors for the well being of human race.

PO 5 Complex problem Investigation & Solving

  • Predict and analyze problems.
  • Frame hypotheses.
  • Investigate and interpret empirical data.
  • Plan and execute action.

PO 6 Perform effectively as Individuals and in Teams

  • Work efficiently as an individual
  • Cooperate, coordinate and perform effectively in diverse teams/groups.
  • Prioritize common interest to individual interest.

PO 7 Efficient Communication & Life Skills

  • Express thoughts in an effective manner
  • Listen, understand and project views in a convincing manner.
  • Decide appropriate media to share information
  • Develop skills to present significant information clearly and concisely to interested groups.

PO 8 Environmental Sustainability

  • Understand sensibly the Environmental challenges.
  • Think critically on environment sustainability measures.
  • Propagate and follow environment friendly practices.

PO 9 Societal contribution

  • Render service for the general good of the society.
  • Involve voluntarily in social development activities at Regional, National, global levels.
  • Have own pride in volunteering to address societal issues viz: calamities, disasters, poverty, epidemics.
  • Be a patriotic citizen to uphold the values of the nation

PO 10 Effective Project Management

  • Identify the goals, objectives and components of a project and decide the appropriate time of completion.
  • Plan, organize and direct the endeavors of teams to achieve the set targets in time.
  • Be competent in identifying opportunities and develop strategies for contingencies.