B.Sc - Botany , Biotechnology , Chemistry (B.B.C)
Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1:The program Biotechnology, Botany and chemistry has been introduced to prepare the students for a career which finds application and provides solution to some of the major contemporary problems on the earth i.e., providing food for growing population, designing advanced medical treatment options for increasing –evolving diseases, to find solution to deteriorating environment caused due to over exploitation / misuse of natural resources etc.,

PSO 2:In this program the study of botany offers the understanding about origin of life and the scope to manipulate the knowledge for better society through catering to the needs and growing demands of food and clothing to population.

PSO 3:In this program the knowledge about the subject chemistry comes in to play when structures of biomolecules and their interactive relations to the environment are to be understood.

PSO 4:Finally the subject biotechnology amalgamates the various disciplines of sciences    and offers ethically acceptable knowledge to bring about sustainable solutions for a variety of problems related to Agriculture, Environment, Quality of human life. These problems are solved with responsibility using appropriate tools while keeping in mind safety factor of Environment and society.