B.Sc - Botany, Biotechnology, Chemistry (B.B.C.AGRO)
Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1:   This program of Agrobotany, Agrobiotechnology and Agrochemistry is specially designed to solve the problems related to agriculture  and to fortify the crop products, to produce genetically modified crops to withstand various biotic and abiotic stress. To enhance production of economically important plants.

PSO 2:With advanced techniques in biotechnology, shelf life is enhanced, artificial ripening is caused which helps efficient trading

PSO 3:In Agrobotany we study about structure, classification and evolution of plants. Study about physico-chemical characters of soil,  which helps us to know about requirements and hindrances   faced in the agriculture. So it helps to find solutions.

PSO4:In Agrochemistry we study about the chemical compositions present in different soils. Study of production, usage of various chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides on the crops.