B.Sc - Botany, Chemistry, Horticulture (B.C.Hor)
Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: Basic concepts of Horticulture are an art of cultivating garden.

PSO 2: Varity of  plants can be developed by various methods of Horticulture and Skill based opportunities can be enhanced for future settlement.

PSO 3: In order to understand the plant growth the chemistry of soil science Plays a vital role in the development of bio-diversity plants, animals and Environment that are interrelated to sustain the earth planet.

PSO 3:Qualityoflifeisincreasedduetothebalancingof Chemicals(Harmon’s imbalance, deficiency of nutrients) can be rectified to improve the life span.

PSO 4:Horticulturetherapy:-Inolderadultsfacemoreriskfactors(dementia, aphasia, etc.,) which can be overcome with participating voluntarily in their leisure time in the therapy of horticulture in the Green House.

PSO5: The plants related to horticulture are said to be protective foods(Fruits& Vegetables) as the support the health with the vitamins and minerals etc.,