B.A - Economics,History,Political Science(E.H.P )
Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1:Understand the basic concepts like National Income, Poverty, Employment, International trade, Fiscal and Monetary policies, Economic conditions of various historic periods, Satavahana’s Foreign trade, numismatics, agriculture economy from ancient period to modern times and their role in administration for formulating relevant policies for effective utilisation of resources and tackling various problems like unemployment and improved standard of living.

PSO 2 :To analyse the economic importance of various sectors like agriculture, industry and service sector in different dynasties that influence administration like Chola administration (local self Government), Mauryan administration (Urban governance) and British administration.

PSO 3:To understand the impact of agriculture and foreign trade in economic development that attract foreign invaders towards India, resulting in changed administration in due course upto and after independence.

PSO 4:To provide life skills required for gainful employment by using domain knowledge such as Economic Service, Historians/ History writing and bureaucrats at various levels.

To promote values such as sustainable development, Optimum utilisation of resources, patriotism, respecting the ideals of freedom struggle and responsible citizenship, political participation and socialisation.