B.Sc - Microbiology, Zoology, Chemistry (M.Z.C)
Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: Developing deeper understanding of key concepts of Microbiology, Zoology, Chemistry at biochemical, molecular and cellular level, physiology and reproduction at organismal level, and microbial word, useful and harmful microorganisms.

PSO 2:  Ability to develop theoretical and practical knowledge in handling the animals microbes with chemicals in labs and using them as model organism.

PSO 3:Imparting knowledge regarding r-DNA technology, E-Coli bacteria and its uses in r-DNA chemicals using in different biological techniques

PSO 4: Understand  the methods and applications of nucleic acid probes, blotting techniques, DNA finger printing, DNA foot printing, methyl interference assay and polymerase chain reaction and apply this techniques in chemical laboratories for his carries