The College is situated in a sprawling campus of 38 acres. It has old and new buildings consisting sufficient class rooms. The campus is mainly divided into three blocks namely Science Block, Arts Block, and P.G. Block. Within the large vicinity lay many other institutions such as Dr. Allu Ramalingaiah Government Homoeopath College, Dr. BRAOU Study Centre, Andhra University Study Centre, O/o the RJD of Collegiate Education, Post Office, etc. Sports facilities such as Professionally built Tennis Court, Volleyball Court and Basket Ball Courts are available in the College ground. Metcalf Hostel for Boys, Students Mess and newly built Girls Hostel also are situated within the campus.

1. Laboratories:

The College boasts of State-of-the-Art Laboratories for the Science courses as well as Computer Courses. The laboratories in the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology cater to the requirements of Degree and P.G. students. They further accommodate Research scholars doing M.Phil and Ph.D. under the guidance of the Senior Faculty members of the college. The Museum in the Department of Geology contains rare collections. There is an English Language Lab attached to the Jawahar Knowledge Center (JKC), the Training & Placement wing of the College.

A Nano-Science Research laboratory has been established in the Department of Physics, in collaboration with the Chemistry division, Baba Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, to promote and further research culture among the students and faculty members.

2. IT Infrastructure:

The College has been utilising the IT Infrastructure such as Computers and Networking for speedy and effective delivery of academic and administrative services to the students and the staff. Sanction of scholarships to the students and payments of salaries to the staff are done using the computers and online facilities. Wireless LAN Internet facility provided for easy access to Web.

In addition to the Computer Labs under different departments, the College has an English Language Lab with about 30 systems with Internet connection. The JKC of the College has 75 systems with Internet facility. In addition to all these, the College provides Wireless LAN internet facility and is on the way to turn the campus a 100% WIFI campus.

3. Digital Classrooms:

To encourage application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Digital classrooms and E-Class rooms have been created in the Departments of Physics and Chemistry. Particularly, the Digital Classroom under the Department of Chemistry has been a latest addition in this direction.

4. Seminar Hall:

The College has an Air-conditioned Seminar Hall. This is equipped with LCD projector and Audio system. Generally, all the meetings, facilitations, etc., are held in this Seminar Hall.

5. Open Air Auditorium:

An Open-Air Auditorium was constructed near the PG Block, by the College Alumni Association. This auditorium was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister in May 2015. The auditorium is useful for annual day celebrations, for addressing more students at a go.

6. Centralized Pubic Addressing System:

Given the large size of the college and due to the fact that the Classes have been spread into three blocks, viz., Arts Block, Science Block and P.G. block, it is difficult to circulate any notices, important information, etc., to the students and faculty members. To avoid this difficulty, a centralized public addressing system has been made available with speakers in all classrooms and Staff rooms so as to make any important information or announcements to all the students, faculty members at one time.