Circulation and Membership

Category of Membership and Loan Period - All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are entitled for the membership of the library. Their entitlements, in terms of number of books that they can borrow and the permissible loan period :-

Borrowing Facility

Category Number of Books Loan Period Fine (Beyond the Loan Period)
Principal & Faculty 20 360 Days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Non-Faculty Staff 06 180days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Group B staff & C 04 90 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Students (UG/PG/PhD)
UG General Section = 02 60 Days Re. 1 (per day)
Text Book Bank = 04 One Semester --------
PG General Section = 06 60 Days Re. 1 (per day)

Circulation Guideline & Rules

Rules for Faculty/Staff

  1. A member of the Institute staff desirous of loan privilege shall enrol himself/herself as a member of the General Library Government College by filling up the enrolment form obtainable from the Library, Library membership is free to all students, faculty and staff
    Documents required for library ID Card.
    • Photocopy of appointment letter/ conformation letter
    • One recent passport size coloured photograph.
  2. Library ID card shall have to be produced by the members of the staff while borrowing or returning the books.
  3. If a book is not returned to the Library when due, no further books shall be issued to him until the overdue one is returned
  4. The borrower shall be responsible for safe return all the books issued on his/her passbook.
  5. The borrower shall have to be produced the Library ID card before the circulation staff for getting no dues certificate from the library.

Rules for Students

  • All the student of UG, PG and Ph.D. will get their ID cards issued by the circulation section of General Library.
  • The students shall have to be produced their library identity card while borrowing books from the library. No book will be issued to that student who produces Bar code ID card of their friend/classmate, because bar code ID card is not transferable.
  • The students are requested to return the books issued to them from the library within stipulated time, failing which overdue Volume will be charged @ Rs.1 per volume per day.
  • Thesis, Dissertations, CDS, Video Cassettes are not lent out of the library. Only after the permission from competent authority, as a special case it can be issued for overnight.
  • The reader should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapter’s pictures etc., while borrowing the book. If a book is found to be damaged or certain pages are missing, the borrower should get this statement recorded on the book, otherwise he/she shall be held responsible for the damage, discovered at the time of returning the books. No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the reader/borrower. Mutilated or spoiled books will have to be replaced by the borrower.
  • Books issued will not be accepted back normally on the same date.
  • Reference books, bound volume of the journals, standards etc., are issued only to faculty members.
  • The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehaviour or misuse of the library.

Rules for Loss of Books

  1. Loss of book must be reported immediately to the Circulation counter.
  2. By requesting the circulation staff one can get the full details of lost book (Acc No. Call No. author and title of book etc.)
  3. Show the lost book record to the acquisition section to know the full bibliographical details of the lost book and their price.
  4. One can replace the same book issued to them by the new copy of the same. However, the same edition or latest edition will be accepted. In no case, old edition or damaged books will be accepted.
  5. If the book is out of print or not available in the market, the following charges will be applicable

Book Bank

Text Book Section : A separate Text Book section has been created in the General Library. New books are added according to the demand of students and new courses launched by the institute.

Special Collection for SC/ST Category : The books purchased / donated from the special grant of the AP. Govt. are kept in this section. Generally, books are not issued to General category Students. If there is, no demand from ST/SC students only then the books is issued to general category students as a special case from the permission of competent authority. This section has 8,740 books.

Rare Books (RB) : The general Library having Rare books collection, those books are published in 18th century onwards. Those books are now in readable condition in this library.

Current Journals : The entire current journals received in the General Library are displayed in specially designed wooden Display Racks arrange under broad subjects. The journals received daily are first displayed in the Journals Received Today a transparent display kept near to journals information Desk.

Reference and Consultation

Reference Services :-

The library maintains a separate reference collection consisting of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks, technical data, almanacs, atlases, bibliographies and CD-Rom etc. Reference books are marked by RR and are not issued to anyone. RR books can be issued only after the permission of librarian for overnight by detaining the user’s passbook. Readers may approach the Reference Desk for information or any assistance in the use of the library collections and services. Users may also contact the Reference Division for any type of help related to library services.

Reference Section is divided into two parts.

Reference Section - 1 is dedicated to the general type of reference materials, and

Reference Section - 2 has a copy of books, which is in limited number.

Note : The library provides reference facility through the staff working with circulation section.

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List of Newspapers and Magazines

English Magazines Telugu Newspapers English Newspapers
Employment News Eenadu The Hindu
Yojana Sakshi Indian Express
Vijetha Andhra Jyothi
Misimi Andhra Bhumi
Vedanta Kesari Praja Sakthi
Rama Krishna Prabha Vaartha
Aruna Tara
Competition Success Review
The Week
Journalist News & Views
Reader’s Digest
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  1. Southern Economist
  2. Economic And Political Weekly
  3. Foreign Trade Review
  4. Indian Journal of Marketing
  5. Pramana Journal of Physics
  6. Proceeding of Mathematical - Sciences
  7. Bulletin of Material Science
  8. Journal of Chemical Sciences
  9. Journal of Genetics
  10. Resonance
  11. Journal of Finance
  12. Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics
  13. Geological society of India
  14. Pure & Applied physics
  15. Down to Earth
  16. Journal Bioscience
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User Awareness Programme

  • The library takes an active part in the orientation programme organized by the institute for the benefit of new students in the beginning of academic year. They are taken around the library to familiarize them with various resources and services available for them. Training sessions are also organized whenever a new product or service is introduced.
  • Any user desiring to know more about library resources and service or to learn how to use a particular resource like OPAC, e-journals, databases etc. should contact Incharge, Reference service.
  • General Library also organizes training, workshops and conferences etc.