NEWS Gallery: 2015

Festival of campus interviewS-14.12.2015Festival of campus interviewS-14.12.2015 CONNECTING scholarship TO biometric attendance-14.12.2015CONNECTING scholarship TO biometric attendance-14.12.2015 BLOOD DONATION campaign-13.12.2015BLOOD DONATION campaign-13.12.2015 biometric attendance-05.12.2015biometric attendance-05.12.2015  COLLEGE CONFERENCE-04.12.2015 COLLEGE CONFERENCE-04.12.2015 certification courseS-04.12.2015certification courseS-04.12.2015 Mineing of students Talent -04.12.2015Mining of students Talent -04.12.2015 certification courses-04.12.2015certification courses-04.12.2015 SOUTH ZONE FOOTBALL competition -03.12.2015SOUTH ZONE FOOTBALL competition -03.12.2015 job oriented courses for students-03.12.2015job oriented courses for students-03.12.2015  18 Prathiba awards- 13.11.2015 18 Prathiba awards- 13.11.2015 Prathiba awards- 13.11.2015Prathiba awards- 13.11.2015 Prathiba awards- 13.11.2015Prathiba awards- 13.11.2015 GUEST LECTURE-06.10.2015GUEST LECTURE-06.10.2015 STUDENTS FOR ALL INDIA COMPETITIONS-06.10.2015STUDENTS FOR ALL INDIA COMPETITIONS-06.10.2015 TEMPLE OF BOOKS 04.10.2015TEMPLE OF BOOKS 04.10.2015 champions of kabaddi-03.10.2015champions of kabaddi-03.10.2015 SPORTS AND GAMES-02.10.2015SPORTS AND GAMES-02.10.2015  SPORTS SPIRIT -01.10.2015 SPORTS SPIRIT -01.10.2015 BOILING BLOOD OF PLAYERS-01.10.2015BOILING BLOOD OF PLAYERS-01.10.2015  STUDENTS Talent IN SPORTS -01.10.2015 STUDENTS Talent IN SPORTS -01.10.2015 HEROES IN SPORTS-01.10.2015HEROES IN SPORTS-01.10.2015 students Talent in cultural activities-30.090.2015students Talent in cultural activities-30.090.2015  CULTURAL ACTIVITIES -30.09.2015 CULTURAL ACTIVITIES -30.09.2015 college administration-27.09.2015college administration-27.09.2015 nss campaign-24.09.201nss campaign-24.09.201 FUNDS FOR DEVELOPMENT-20.09.2015FUNDS FOR DEVELOPMENT-20.09.2015 DEVELOPING COLLEGE-31.08.2015DEVELOPING COLLEGE-31.08.2015 District level competitions21-8-2015 AJDistrict level competitions21-8-2015 AJ Research FROM STAGE OF STUDENTS-21.08.2015 ENResearch FROM STAGE OF STUDENTS-21.08.2015 EN International conference-22.08.2015International conference-22.08.2015 SPORTS DAY-03.07.2015SPORTS DAY-03.07.2015 UNIVERSITY STATUS-29.03.2015UNIVERSITY STATUS-29.03.2015 FUNDS GIVEN BY  UJC -28.03.2015FUNDS GIVEN BY UJC -28.03.2015 FUNDS FOR COLLEGE -28.03.2015FUNDS FOR COLLEGE -28.03.2015 UNIVERSITY STATUS -28.03.2015UNIVERSITY STATUS -28.03.2015 UNIVERSITY STATUS -28.03.2015UNIVERSITY STATUS -28.03.2015 FUNDS GIVEN BY  UJC -28.03.2015FUNDS GIVEN BY UJC -28.03.2015 UNIVERSITY STATUS 27.03.2015UNIVERSITY STATUS 27.03.2015  STUDENTS Research fellowship27-3-2015 EN STUDENTS Research fellowship27-3-2015 EN FUNDS FOR COLLEGE-27.03.2015FUNDS FOR COLLEGE-27.03.2015 STUDENTS Talent -11.03.2015STUDENTS Talent -11.03.2015 Achieving autonomous GRADE -11.03.2015Achieving autonomous GRADE -11.03.2015 students Talent in annual day-11.03.2015students Talent in annual day-11.03.2015 cultural activities in annual day11-3-2015 ENcultural activities in annual day11-3-2015 EN annual day celebration-11.03.2015annual day celebration-11.03.2015 annual day celebration-11.03.2015annual day celebration-11.03.2015 women empowerment-10.03.2015women empowerment-10.03.2015 Awareness on Research-9.03.2015Awareness on Research-9.03.2015 International conference-7.03.2015International conference-7.03.2015 about rithu bema-22.02.2015 about rithu bema-22.02.2015 priority of mother tongue-22.02.2015priority of mother tongue-22.02.2015  Awareness about farmer schemes-22.02.2015 Awareness about farmer schemes-22.02.2015 Awareness about farmer schemes in india-22.02.2015Awareness about farmer schemes in India-22.02.2015 leadership qualities-21.02.2015leadership qualities-21.02.2015 Awareness on certificate cources -14.02.2015Awareness on certificate courses -14.02.2015 Work shop on Bio enalitical techniquies-12.02.2015Work shop on Bio analytical techniques-12.02.2015 student Talent in cricket-12.02.2015student Talent in cricket-12.02.2015  funds by gorentla buchaya chowdary-12.02.2015 funds by Gorentla Buchaya Chowdary-12.02.2015 republic day celebrations-27.01.2015republic day celebrations-27.01.2015 infracture developmen-24.01.2015 infrastructure development-24.01.2015 Research on atom -22.01.2015Research on atom -22.01.2015 Research on atom -22.01.2015Research on atom -22.01.2015 Research on atom -22.01.2015Research on atom -22.01.2015 Research on atom -22.01.2015Research on atom -22.01.2015