Objectives :

  • To assist the students in identifying their future career path- based on their Skills, interests, and opportunities, through SWOT analysis
  • To provide awareness on career opportunities and needed efforts by organizing periodical classes, guest lectures, etc.
  • To provide counseling to the students who need support in removing the apprehensions, confusions, etc, that block in focusing on career planning
  • To organize programmes to create awareness about the importance of higher studies in India and Abroad.
  • To assist the students in their Career Planning
  • To provide inputs that help the students overcome
  • To organize and offer various programmes on Personality Development, Soft Skills and Communication Skills.
  • To make available resources for Career Planning, Career Development, Public Sector and Private Sector jobs – including digital resources
  • To coordinate with the efforts of individuals and departments that conduct coaching classes for Academic entrances (Common Entrance Tests) – such as Ed-CET, PG-CET, NET, SLET, etc.

Job Chart :

  • Conducting Orientation Programmes for freshers and senior students.
  • Conducting Motivational Classes and Personality Development sessions for the students by the Career Guidance Cell Members, College lecturers, and experts
  • Conducting Awareness sessions on Careers and Higher Studies – in different fields – These sessions can be divided group-wise and year-wise
  • Conducting Guest lectures by inviting eminent personalities from different fields – Government, Industry, Business, etc. for providing inputs on jobs in Government and Private Sector, and Business and Entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Displaying the News Paper Cuttings, articles, advertisements, write-ups, etc., related to Job openings, career guidance, study material, etc., at different places in the College.
  • Providing individual-level counseling for the needy students by the members
  • Making the resources such as books, magazines, news papers available – offline and online, for the General Competitive Exams, Campus Recruitment Tests, Common Entrance Tests, etc.,
  • Making the Youtube videos and other resources available – on Personality Development, Study Tips, Success Tips, Career Guidance, etc., by experts for presentation to the students
  • To prepare and make available the Bits in different subjects such as Basic General Knowledge, English, Mathematics, Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Humanities, Political Science and Constitution, etc., to develop resources over a period of time – to help those who prepare for competitive exams for Government service.