Department of Physical Education


The college has a comprehensive physical education department for providing opportunities in games and sports to the students. The department has the reputation for participation and winning prizes in district level, university level, State-level and National level events.


  • To acquire knowledge of the concept of health and fitness
  • To develop interest and competence for life time participation in games and sports and for that purpose to:
    • To develop physical and motor fitness i.e., Strength, Endurance, Speed, Ability, Flexibility, Balance, Accuracy etc.
    • To develop good body mechanics and skills in a variety of dynamic forms of movement applied in games and sports
    • To develop a fair level of skills in specific major games and track and field events like gymnastics and Yogic physical exercises
    • To develop appreciation for games and sports as a cultural heritage.
    • To develop qualities like – conductive, social, national unity such as cooperation, sympathy, team spirit, helpfulness, tolerance, patience(sportsmanship quality etc.,)
    • To develop emotional maturity, mental alertness, and moral goodness.
    • To inculcate habits of observing etiquettes and the code of conduct both in and outside the field.