ECO Club


  • Creating environmental awareness among students and the public.
  • Preserving natural resources ( forests, mines, ecosystem and to love nature)
  • To present pollution (pollution free day)
  • To establish herbal gardening in college campus medicinal garden, fruit garden.
  • Clean and green (swachh Bharath ) globe.
  • Health nutrition.


  • Herbal exhibition
  • Short film on forests, environments
  • Environmental pollution (vehicle free day)
  • Bio diversity
  • Eco system
  • Natural resources
  • Urbanisation

Club committee:

Convenor :Smt. D. Krishna , Lecturer in Botany
Members: Dr.K.Anitha, Lecturer in Chemistry
     B.Bujjibbu , Lecturer in Botany
     D.Satish, Lecturer in Zoology
     P.Suneetha, Lecturer in Microbiology
     T.V.S Nageswari,II MZC Student
     G.Pujitha,II BBC Student

Facilities: clubs and societies

  • Red Ribbon club, Eco club ,Quiz club ,Photography club ,Music club
  • Drama club, Rangoli club ,Debate club
  • Deparments-with gardens, trees facilities
  • Hostels men women
  • Infrastructure-seminar hall ,VC ,DG classes
  • Location of the college hart of the city

Eco club activities :

  • Talk show and rally pollution free environment
  • Skit on earth day
  • Plantation drive
  • Skit on disaster management , Play grounds , Garden gym
  • Rakhi tying to trees
  • Work shop on adolescence


Connect people by building and bonding relationship with trees (nature and work for future of earth)


Our vision to create awareness of environment and to awaken the philanthropic side of mankind