English Club

The English Club in Government College (A), Rajahmahendravaram was started in 2015-16 with an intention to bring out and sharpen the latent English language talents of the students. Initially, the Club started with 25 students and went on to about 50 interested participants. The present strength of the English Club is 50. It is organized by the students under the advice and guidance of the Department of English.

The English Club has no definite Syllabus as such. The members of the Club meet daily after the college hours and discuss various issues related to English Grammar, Problems in speaking English, Soft Skills and Employable Language Skills. Everything is conducted on Activity Basis. The students take the fore front of the class and participate in activities. The programs of the English Club consist of Guest Lectures, Group Discussions, Debates, Role Plays, Dramas, Telephone Skills, Interview Skills, Debating, Essay Writing, Elocution, Discussions on Current social and political issues etc. The English Club also showcases the talents of Club members in Fine Arts such as singing, dancing, mimicry, Mono action and creative writing.

The students of English Club are trained in event management activities like anchoring, moderating etc. They take every opportunity to interview or interact with VIPs visiting the college. They participate in language related events at the local and state levels and bring laurels to the college. They are encouraged to prepare seminar Papers related to language topics and submit them.

Sample Activities of the English Club:

Guest Lectures:

  • Dr. V.Saraswathi, Retired HOD, English, Kandukuri Rajyalakshmi Women’s College, Rajahmundry
  • Prof. Indira, AU Engineering College, Visakhapatnam,
  • Prof. Parvati, Department of English, AU, Visakhapatnam
  • Prof. Viswanatha Rao, Retd. Special Officer, AUPG Centre, Kakinada.
  • Prof. KS Ramesh, Registrar, Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajahmahendravaram
  • Open Heart with Dr. David Kumar Rapaka, Principal, Govt. College (A), Rajahmahendravaram.
  • College Level Seminars, Debates, Elocution and Essay Writing Competitions.