Designation:LECTURER IN PHYSICSQualificationM.Sc.,Ph.D.


PADALA V S S SATYANARAYANA REDDY  is working as Lecturer in  Physics on contract basis  in the Department of Physics, Government College (A), Rajamahedravaram.


Areas of Research

Efficient Photoluminescence studies from europium co-dopedY2O3: Bi3+ nano-phosphor material: Ch.Satya Kamal, P V S S S N Reddy, K.Sujatha, Y.Ramakrishna and K.Ramachandra Rao‚ą∑ Materials Today proceedings, 2017 : Elsevier (Accepted)

Photoluminescence Properties of Bi3+ and Eu3+ co-doped LaGaO3 Nanoparticles: Synthesized By Polyol Method, T. Samuel, P.V.S.S. S.N. Reddy, Y.Rama Krishna, V.Veeraiah, and K.  Ramachandra Rao,AIP-IEE-2015 Con Proce.,Bakanar, Rajahstan (Accepted for Publication)

High purity green photoluminescence emission from Tb, Bico-doped LaGaO3 nanophosphors Ch.Satya Kamal, T. K. Visweswara Rao,P. V. S. S. S. N. Reddy, K. Sujatha, Babajide Patrick Ajayi, Jacek B. Jasinski and K. Ramachandra Rao, Optical materials, 69 (2017) 230-237

Color tunable luminescence from LaAlO3:Bi3+, Ho3+ doped phosphors for field emission displays TKV Rao, CS Kamal, T Samuel, VS Rao, VS Rao, P Reddy, KR Rao Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 29 (2), 1011-1017

Unravelling the energy transfer mechanism in bismuth co-activation of LaInO3:Sm3+/Ho3+ nanophosphor for color-tunable luminescence† Ch. Satya Kamal, T. K. Visweswara Rao,P. V. S. S. S.N. Reddy, K. Sujatha, Babajide Patrick Ajayi, Jacek B. Jasinski and K. Ramachandra Rao,RSC Advances,7,9724

Blue to magenta tunable luminescence from LaGaO 3: Bi 3+, Cr 3+ doped phosphors for field emission display applications CS Kamal, TKV Rao, T Samuel, P Reddy, JB Jasinski, Y Ramakrishna, ... RSC Advances 7 (71), 44915-44922

Mixed Color Emission from Europium Co-Doped La2O3: Bi3+ Nanophosphors Material by Polyol Method P Reddy, K Sujatha, CS Kamal, T Samuel, M Indiradevi, KR Rao International Journal of Scientific Research 5 (2)

Seminars And Events Participated

One day UGC sponsored National workshop on “Preparation and Characterisation of Non-Linear Optical (NLO) Materials”  was organised  on 18th March 2011 by Crystal Growth and Nano Science Research Lab. 

A two day National Conference conducted on  “ Advanced Research Concepts in Physics” sponsored by University Grants Commission , 24-25 Nov 2011.

A two day National Conference is going to conduct on ATOM-2014 “Advanced Technology Oriented Materials-2014” sponsored by University Grants Commission, 7-8th  Dec 2014.

A Two day National Workshop Conducted on the eve of International Year of Light-2015, ‘Light Emitting Devices and Materials”-Dec-2015.

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