(Student Week For Education and Empowerment Activities 2K19)

Internal Quality Assurance cell of the Government College Autonomous, Rajahmundry organized student week for education and empowerment from 4 - 11 Feb. 2019. Various competitions aimed at kindling learning abilities and thought evoking were planned and schedules for the same communicated to students. The registrations for the events were kept open for 4 days from 29th to 1 Feb, 2019. 700 students got registered for under various activities. On day 1 that is 4-2-19 student talk was organized as per schedule. Among the presenters three outstanding presentations identified and placed 1, 2 & 3 by judges and coordinator for the event. On day 2 that is 5-2-19, Students presented power points on various topics. . Among the presenters three outstanding presentations identified and placed 1,2,&3 by judges and coordinator for the event. Day 3 that is 6-2-19 quiz was conducted where in 19 groups of 5 students participated and finally 3 groups identified for 1.2.&3 places. On day 4 that is on 7-2-19 invited talk on career opportunities and guidance for preparation for competitive exams was given by Dr. Gopal Krishna Assistant Professor, B. Shyam, Chief Shyam Centre KKD, and Sri Hari State resource person for general studies and current affairs. They shared their experiences, competitive examinations preparation tips and motivated students towards self-preparation. On day 5 that is on 8-2-19 Student innovative ideas exhibits was organized where in 20 exhibits were presented by students and the judges identified for 1,2 & 3 Prizes. On day 6 that is on 11-2-19, talent hunt where in the students came up with their skills in dance, skits, music, fancy dress and played Instruments like Veena, flute, & Zass.

In all 1000 and above students took part in the SWEEA event and 70 prizes in all categories were bagged by the students. The prizes were distributed by the Principal on 18-2-19.

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